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Easy Furniture Makeover You Can Complete In A Weekend

Here's an easy furniture makeover that you can do in a weekend! Learn how to turn your old furniture into swoon-worthy statement pieces and get some wonderful furniture makeover ideas along the way! 

Thrift stores and garage sales offer amazing budget-friendly deals on second hand furniture, but often times the used furniture pieces need a compelling DIY furniture renovation before you'd ever consider bringing them into your home. 

Painting your furniture is easier than you think! So if you're looking to decorate your home on a budget, refinishing used furniture is a thrifty and inexpensive way to go!

Some furniture makeovers can take longer than others depending on the size and scope of the makeover. But today, I want to show you an easy furniture makeover that you can complete in a weekend!

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links to products I love and use every day. This means that I receive a small commission for purchases that are made through these links. You may read our full disclosure for more info. I received products from Dixie Belle Paint Company to complete this furniture makeover. 

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Nightstands have minimal drawers and a small surface area which make them the perfect sized furniture project to tackle over a weekend. 

If you've never refinished furniture before, revamping a pair of nightstands is a great choice for beginners!

In this post, I'll break down the furniture refinishing supplies that I used as well as the time it took me to refinish these matching nightstands. 

This furniture makeover was quick, easy and I promise I had plenty of time to watch football, attend my kid's soccer & basketball games, clean my house and make run to Costco!


Step #1: Clean/Prep Your Furniture

(Total Time 15-25 Minutes)

These nightstands were filthy. I vacuumed, wiped them down, gave them a light sanding, then scrubbed them with Murphy's Oil Soap and a scrub pad all within a 25 minute time period.

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If your used nightstands are in good shape you can usually get away with a light sand, vacuum and quick wipe down which will run you closer to 15 minutes.

Step #2: PAINT

(Total Application Time 2 Hours)

For this furniture makeover, I used a 2.5" Purdy paint brush like this one and the prettiest dark grey paint color called Gravel Road from Dixie Belle Paint Co. 

This deep grey hue has a fabulous earthy grey-brown tone to it and it's one of my favorite grey furniture paint colors!

Dixie Belle Chalk and Mineral Paint goes on so smooth. It truly is one of the easiest furniture paints to work with! 

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Related Blog Post: I painted these nightstands in Dixie Belle's bold Plum Crazy paint color and loved how they turned out! If you haven't given Dixie Belle Paint a try, I highly recommend it!

Because I opted to paint the inside of each nightstand, this step took me close to 30 minutes per coat per nightstand. 

However, if you decided NOT to paint the inside of your nightstands, you could cut that time in half! 

The original finish on these nightstands was worn and had lots of dents, scratches and rough areas. 

I decided to embrace that original imperfections and use those worn areas to my advantage to create a rustic finish.

That means I painted less in the areas that were already worn and that allowed me to skip the distressing step altogether! 

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I used 2 coats of paint on both nightstands. 

By the time I finished the second nightstand, the first coat on the first nightstand was completely dry. My total paint time was just under 2 hours.

Because this paint has zero VOC's, I painted the nightstands inside my home while I watched a movie. 

Have you seen the movie, Lion yet? It's such a good movie! I highly recommend it!


(Total Application Time 1.5 Hours, Total Dry Time 6 Hours)

I completed Steps 1 & 2 before noon on a Friday. 

Saturday afternoon I applied my first coat of top coat

It took me a total of 30 minutes to top coat both nightstands. I ran errands, watched some football and deep cleaned my house during each two hour drying time. 

I applied a total of 3 light coats for this furniture makeover.

Speaking of which, have you tried these $3 Sponge Applicators yet? They are a game changer and make the top coating process SO easy!

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I have had virtually NO brush strokes since I've started using these blue sponge applicators to apply my top coat. You rinse them out and reuse them again and again. They are AMAZING! 

You can find them here for $3!

By now you've probably noticed that I spent more time waiting for products to dry then I physically worked to revamp these nightstands! 

I told you this was an easy furniture makeover! Really, I meant it! 

If you're considering creating your own furniture before and after you can do this!

In less then a weekend, I transformed two old wood nightstands into a rustic pair of end tables in the prettiest shade of grey!
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If you'd like to paint your furniture in this shade of grey you can get it here. It's a great dark neutral grey hue that I would describe as "earthy"- a warm grey with brown undertones. :)

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect shade of grey! I've tried all of these grey paint colors on various diy furniture makeovers and I love them all!

So here's a few recommendations on furniture paint colors in the prettiest shades of grey! I'll put a star next to my favorite grey furniture paint colors. 

Light Grey Furniture Paint Colors: 

| *French Linen | Paris Grey | Seagull Gray | *White Rhino |

Medium Gray Furniture Paint Colors:

| Kensington Gray | *Hurricane Gray | Cloudy Concrete | *Elephant Skin | Thunder Sky |

Dark Grey Furniture Paint Colors: 

| *Graphite | *Queenstown Gray | Slate Gray | *Gravel Road | Slate Grey | *Tester Ash |

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I still have half a jar of my 16oz. chalk mineral paint left from this furniture makeover AND the DIY art that I created from an old thrift store frame- 

Another fun tutorial that I can't wait to share with you! ;)


Below you'll find some inspiratonal painted furniture ideas created from thrift furniture. We hope these incredible furniture projects and tutorials will empower YOU to give furniture refinishing a try!

These refinishing furniture ideas are here to prove that YES! YOU CAN create beautiful looking furniture on a budget!

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COLORFUL FURNITURE MAKEOVERS: These refurbished furniture projects were made over in the prettiest, boldest paint colors! Would you paint your furniture in one of these daring hues?

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Have a great week, friends!
Carrie || Thirty Eighth Street

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    1. Hi Heather! I've never tried Dixie Belle Paint in my paint sprayer, but I bet it would! You would want to add some water to the paint (based on your paint sprayer's instructions) to get the right consistency. The coverage is beautiful!

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  19. Hi HC! Thank you! I'm sorry, I'm just seeing your comment now. :( You may have already finished your furniture project?- In case you haven't I used Gator Hide to seal it. The link has been fixed.. thank you for pointing that out!

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