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No Candy Easter Egg Filler Ideas For Kids!

If you're looking for some awesome non-candy Easter egg filler ideas for your family, we have some "egg-cellent" creative and sugarless options for you! 

These no candy egg stuffers are a great alternative to the sugary chocolate and jelly bean treats that so often find our way into our Easter baskets.

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Scale back on the amount of candy your family eats this Easter and fill your colorful plastic eggs with these non-candy Easter egg fillers instead!

In fact, these alternative Easter egg ideas are so SWEET, your kids probably won't even miss the candy!

Disclaimer: This post contains a few affiliate links to help you find the products I like. You are NOT charged extra to use any of the links. However, I will receive a small commission for purchases that are made through these links. You can view our full disclosure here. 

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No-Candy Easter Egg Filler Ideas For Kids

There are so many sugarless Easter egg options. Here's our list of 85+ Non-Candy Easter Egg Filler Ideas your kids are sure to enjoy!..

  1. Colored Shoelaces
  2. Hairclips
  3. Mini Nail Polish
  4. Rubber Stamps
  5. Bookmark
  6. Earbuds
  7. Fun Socks
  8. Makeup
  9. Marbles
  10. Silly Putty

  11. Glove A Bubbles
  12. Body Glitter
  13. Lanyard
  14. Bubble Wands
  15. Nail Art Stickers
  16. Fake Bugs
  17. Small Dinosaurs
  18. Yo-yo
  19. Slap Bracelets
  20. Stress Balls

  21. Stress Balls
  22. Bandannas
  23. Charms
  24. Little Chalk
  25. Gift Certificates- McDonalds, Icecream, Movies
  26. Tiny Farm Animals
  27. Bouncy Balls
  28. Puzzles
  29. Light Up Ring
  30. Silly Bandz

  31. Coins
  32. Necklace
  33. Legos
  34. Temporary Tattoos
  35. Hair Band
  36. Mini Pull Back Cars/Trucks
  37. Friendship Bracelets for Younger Kids & Friendship Bracelets for Older Kids
  38. Mini Flashlights
  39. Wikki Stix
  40. Army Men

  41. Stick On Earrings
  42. Flavored Dental Floss
  43. Grow Animals
  44. Lip Gloss or Chapstick
  45. Littlest Pet Shop Tiny Toys
  46. Self Adhesive Mustaches
  47. Mini Notebook
  48. Pirate Eye Patch
  49. Small Kazoo
  50. Washi Tape

  51. Kids Watch
  52. Rabbit Ear Toss Game
  53. Wind up Toys
  54. Fuzzy Pencil Toppers/  Kachooz Pencil Toppers
  55. Splat Toys
  56. Bath Bombs/Bath Fizzies
  57. Nail Glitter
  58. Hatchimals
  59. Mini Thomas Train Cars
  60. Little Bath Squirters

  61. LED Gloves
  62. Finger Puppets
  63. Snap Hair Barrettes
  64. Mini Nail File
  65. Sticky Hands
  66. Flying Frogs
  67. Puzzle Balls
  68. Mini Fidget Spinners
  69. Jelly Bracelets
  70. Keychain

  71. Coin Purse
  72. Mini Magnifying Glass
  73. Bead Necklace
  74. Glow Star Stickers For Ceilings
  75. Mini PlayDoh
  76. Mini Post It Notes
  77. Jacks
  78. Mini Glow Sticks
  79. Dollar Bill
  80. Mini Slinky

  81. Blind Bags
  82. Pony Tail Holders
  83. Erasers
  84. Seed Packets
  85. Novelty Bandaids
  86. Baseball Cards
  87. Pencil Grippers
  88. Pencil Sharpener
  89. Handwritten Coupons
  90. Pokemon Cards
  91. Glitter Glue
  92. Golf Balls
  93. Mini Sharpies
  94. Slime
  95. Zipper Pulls
  96. No-candy food (trail mix, cereal, fishies, etc.)
  97. Pop Snap Beads
  98. Play Mag Set


If you're looking for some creative easter basket ideas that don't involve candy check out our curated list of Easter Basket Ideas for Kids and Teens, that are both affordable and highly rated!

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What else can you think of? Comment below and let us know what your kid's favorite non-candy Easter egg filler ideas are! 

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