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We've got one heck of a chalk paint furniture before and after makeover to show you! Keep reading and we'll share with you how easy it is to use chalk paint to update your own furniture! 

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Who doesn't LOVE a good Before & After furniture makeover, right? Furniture transformations are my absolute favorite! 

Seriously. I mean in less than 60 seconds you can look at two distinct pictures side by side- the old yucky one and the new updated one and instantly see the change!

Sometimes those changes are subtle but sometimes they are magical, dramatic and stunning!

The Best Way To Get Cheap Rustic Furniture

Do you love the look of rustic furniture? I do too! There are a few different ways to get cheap rustic furniture

And for the record, I'm using the adjective "cheap" as a synonym for inexpensive, not quality. ;)

In this post, I'll share a few different options for getting inexpensive rustic furniture so you can turn your home or vacation home into the charming rustic space you've been dreaming of!

With these tips and tricks, you won't need a huge budget or a professional interior decorator to get the rustic chic style you want!

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This Wet Distress Painted Furniture Technique Is So Easy!

This wet distress painted furniture technique is FABULOUS! Distressing furniture with this method leaves your painted and distressed furniture looking authentically worn BUT without the messy clean up! 

One of my favorite things about this no-mess distressing furniture method is that it allows you to conveniently paint and distress your furniture while you're in the comfort of your home!

The beauty of this no-mess distressing furniture technique is that it doesn't use an ounce of sandpaper!

Which means we get all the benefits of a beautifully worn finish without any of the gritty sandpaper/paint residue!

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Wet distressing chalk paint checks off all the boxes...

- It's easy!

- It's quick!
- And, there's nothing to sweep or dust or vacuum up afterwards!!

If you are a lazy DIY-er like me then you're going to enjoy this furniture distressing tutorial!

Plus, I'm going to let you in on a little secret...

The distressing marks you'll get when you wet distress look so much better than when you use sandpaper to distress your furniture. ;) Wet distressing really does give you the BEST distressed look for your antique furniture.

How To Get The Rustic Furniture Look For Cheap!

Do you love the rustic farmhouse look? We're sharing our top 3 tips for creating rustic furniture so you can get your own farmhouse style without breaking the bank! 

I think you'll probably agree.

Joanna Gaines has made rustic furniture and farmhouse home decor look BOTH comfy and elegant.

Man can she stage the patooties out of a house!

Sometimes, it's not easy to replicate a trend, but over the last few years I've seen thousands of people successfully DIY-ing their homes to incorporate that farmhouse style.

Shiplap walls, Boxwood wreaths, Barn doors, Reclaimed wood signs ...the list of DIY rustic touches goes on and on.

If you're still a big fan of the rustic farmhouse look, I'm going to show you some inexpensive DIY furniture options that blends both rustic charm with farmhouse style.

These inexpensive tips and tricks can help you turn regular old furniture into rustic farmhouse furniture. Expensive furniture stores, eat your heart out!

How To Distress Furniture With Vaseline

Learn how to distress furniture with Vaseline. This no mess distressing furniture option leaves your furniture perfectly chippy and aged. See all 7 of our Distressed Furniture Techniques and determine which distressing method will work best for you!

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No Candy Easter Egg Filler Ideas For Kids!

If you're looking for some awesome non-candy Easter egg filler ideas for your family, we have some "egg-cellent" creative and sugarless options for you! These easter basket gift ideas are perfect for toddlers, kids, teens and boys and girls!

These no candy egg stuffers are a great alternative to the sugary chocolate and jelly bean treats that so often find our way into our Easter baskets.

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Easter Egg Basket Ideas, No candy easter basket ideas, No Candy Easter Egg Ideas, Easter Basket Ideas

Scale back on the amount of candy your family eats this Easter and fill your colorful plastic eggs with these non-candy Easter egg fillers instead!

In fact, these alternative Easter egg ideas are so SWEET, your kids probably won't even miss the candy!

Easy Furniture Makeover You Can Complete In A Weekend

Here's an easy furniture makeover that you can do in a weekend! Learn how to turn your old furniture into swoon-worthy statement pieces and get some wonderful furniture makeover ideas along the way! 

Thrift stores and garage sales offer amazing budget-friendly deals on second hand furniture, but often times the used furniture pieces need a compelling DIY furniture renovation before you'd ever consider bringing them into your home. 

Painting your furniture is easier than you think! So if you're looking to decorate your home on a budget, refinishing used furniture is a thrifty and inexpensive way to go!

Some furniture makeovers can take longer than others depending on the size and scope of the makeover. But today, I want to show you an easy furniture makeover that you can complete in a weekend!

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How To Paint Wood Furniture With Pure & Original Paint

Painting wood furniture will breathe new life into your furniture! Painting wood furniture with Pure & Original paint will give your newly refinished furniture a lovely buttery smooth finish. It's so gorgeous and I'm going to show you why!

You've decided to paint an old piece of furniture.

You know exactly which piece of furniture you'd like to revamp but you're not exactly sure how to paint your furniture?

Or maybe you're searching the internet or browsing Pinterest to get some advice on the best places to find used furniture and gather some furniture painting inspiration before you get started.

Whatever the reason, we're sure glad that you're here! This painting furniture tutorial will hopefully answer some of your questions and inspire YOU to try something new!

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5 Fantastic Ways To Transform Your Old China Hutch

Do you have an old china cabinet or hutch that's in need of a major revamp? We're sharing FIVE fantastic and creative ways to transform your old china hutch! These painted china cabinet ideas will get you excited to redo an old china cabinet...

If your stuck in a rut and can't get over the "I'm not sure exactly how to refinish it" hurdle, you're in luck! 

We're sharing some incredible china cabinet makeover ideas that might just help!

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One of the reasons people put off refinishing their china cabinets is because they lack a plan or vision for their furniture makeover.

Planning a china hutch makeover is no small feat. There are so many amazing paint colors and style directions that you could go in- it's no wonder that we struggle to make some of those decisions!

22 Black and White Home Decor Pieces You'll Love!

I love the look of black and white together! Do you swoon over it as much as I do? All black and white home decor- patterns, stripes, and accessories in stark contrasting colors always catches my eye! 

In this post, you will find 22 beautiful AND budget friendly Black and White Decor Accent Pieces that you can mix and match to add some pizazz and style to YOUR own home!

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