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The Back Porch

We hope you feel at home! Whether you are new to painting furniture or you are an experienced furniture painter, we're so glad that you're here!

Feel free to leave comments or ask us questions on our social media channels or on our blog posts. 


 #1. Thirty Eighth Street is a partnership. My sweet husband does the hard stuff. I do the fun furniture stuff + dinner + laundry + cleaning + ...

 #2. I first discovered a love for a paint at the age of seventeen. My parents left me in charge of my siblings while they went away for the weekend. 

Most teenagers may have thrown a party? I gave my parent's bathroom cabinets a makeover...

 #3. I don't enjoy shopping for clothes. I painstakingly grab things off the rack, bring them home, try them on and then when I have time, cart the losers back to the store to be returned. 

I don't switch my purses out by season and flip-flops are a standard staple. If you catch me out of my comfy painting attire well, then it's a good day. 

Of course, there's always an exception to the rule... I'm always up for furniture shopping!

#4. I have a horrible memory. But, that has a perk because I can watch a movie over and over again each time like it's the first. I love lists! 

I often write down simple "To Do's" that I can get done quickly just so I can cross them off... it makes me feel so accomplished. ;)

#5. Bring on the Beef Stroganoff, Smores & P.F. Chang's Lettuce Wraps. But not altogether. I don't do perfume, fake eyelashes or lipstick. 

However, I love pedis. My favorite part of the day is at the end... when I get to snuggle with my boys and read bedtime stories in silly animated voices.


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Take Care!
Carrie || Thirty Eighth Street

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