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A Super Easy Way To Get Beautiful Furniture Inexpensively

Don't compromise style for price! There's a super easy way to get beautiful furniture inexpensively without breaking the bank! Learn how to DIY and refinish thrift store furniture and turn them into unique show stopping furniture pieces for your home!

It's true! Looking at a breathtaking DIY furniture makeover can give you an amazing adrenal rush and a dash of creative curiosity! If you're new to painting and refinishing furniture, welcome! You're about to embark on an innovative journey to learn a super easy way to get beautiful furniture inexpensively

When you discover how affordable it is to refinish used furniture AND you learn that it's possible to customize it by adding legs or painting them in custom paint colors and finishes it becomes a no brainer! You're going to be hooked!

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links to products I love and use everyday. This means that I receive a small commission for purchases that are made through these links. Please read our full disclosure here for more info.

Advantages To Refinishing Used Furniture

Who wouldn't love to have unique and gorgeous furniture pieces for their home?! But, the sticker shock! Have you stepped inside a retail furniture store lately? 

In fact, according to MarketWatch, most new furniture retailers mark up their furniture prices by an average of 80%- and in some cases even more! So, the next time you walk into a furniture store that's offering bargain prices and blowout sales keep in mind ... the price on that sales tag is still bringing in a lucrative margin for that company. Don't get gouged. 

Then there's origanlity. Would you agree that most of the furniture in retail stores now a days looks like every other piece in another store? Vanilla... plain... and not very exciting. How about the quality!? Well.. let's just say that they don't make furniture like they used to. How often do you find tongue and groove drawers or real wood furniture coming off of the assembly line?

Expensive + Vanilla + Mediocre Quality or Customizable + Affordable + Unique. In case you can't tell I'm using my hands as a scale right now and one of those options is outweighing the other by a long shot. ;)

Now, I'm not promoting that all of your furniture should be used. In fact, I like to buy things like mattressescouches and sleeper sofas brand new- it's a personal preference. (Although, I did paint the upholstery of this settee couch several years ago and to date it might just be one of my favorite furniture makeovers!)

But, there are A LOT of furniture items like dressers, buffets, china cabinets, headboards, tables and chairs, consoles, mirrors, nightstands, desks, armoires, media consoles, etc. that you CAN buy used & refinish to your style to create a GORGEOUS home... It's a super easy way to get beautiful furniture inexpensively without sacrificing quality! 

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Budget Friendly Modern Furniture Makeover

Here's an example of an Inexpensive DIY Furniture Makeover that happened this just past week. I'll include the cost break down and step by step directions so you can see just how AFFORDABLE and EASY this furniture project was! 

I happened to pop into a thrift store and found this outdated mammoth of a cabinet. It was higher then a standard dresser and had large, deep drawers. It was well made and it was certainly straight out of the 70's-80's. 

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It was in need of a monumental wipe down. But, the bones were good. It was HEAVY and I loved the storage capacity it offered. The framed out drawers reminded me of kitchen cabinets.

....And because the dimensions were the perfect height, not only could this furniture piece have been repurposed into a credenza for an office, dresser for a bedroom or nursery, buffet or media cabinet for a living space, it could have even been transformed into a kitchen island with the right counter top.. I'd store my pots and pans and dish ware in those deep drawers!

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Since I didn't need a kitchen island, I decided to give this cabinet some modern flair. Before I started the painting process, we removed the old hardware, filled in the existing hardware holes with wood filler and then sanded them down.

Here are some top rated wood filler options for under $10 on Amazon.  I've also put together a blog post listing all of my VERY FAVORITE furniture refinishing products here if you'd like some more direction or advice.

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Once the old holes we're filled we began measuring to drill the new holes. Tip! I always like to do this step before I paint in the event I mis-measure and need to re-drill. (See those first two drawers?) Yes, that happened!

D. Lawless Hardware sponsored this post and provide the hardware for this furniture makeover. If you have a hardware need for your next furniture project, I highly recommend them! They have such an amazing selection AND I couldn't believe the prices that were attached to them- so affordable! It was really hard to choose, but in the end I fell in love with these sleek 12" Colossus Dee Pulls in Antique Copper.

Once the cabinet was wiped down, I painted two fresh coats of Queenstown Gray and used maybe a 1/3 of the quart? There's still plenty of paint left for another few projects. I sealed it with General Finishes High Performance in Flat

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This Budget Friendly Furniture Makeover Cost Me

Here's my cost breakdown for this specific furniture makeover. Supplies like regular paint brushes, scrapers to apply the wood filler, sandpaper, and my drill were not included in this price breakdown. These are staple furniture refinishing tools/supplies that I use over and over again for my furniture projects.

Modern Cabinet Makeover

Goodwill Cabinet = $25
Paint = $30/3 = $10
GFHP Top Coat = $35/10 = $3.50
Foam Paint Brush = $1.50
Hardware = FREE
Wood Filler = $8.00/10 =.80

For a grand total of $40.80

Your furniture makeovers might not need new hardware. If they need replacing, your costs will go up slightly. If your hardware is in good working order but they just need a face lift, you can paint them or use Rub'n Buff to make them pretty again!

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Carrie || Thirty Eighth Street

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