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Grey Painted Nightstands

Paint those garage sale furniture finds and turn them into gorgeous pieces of furniture for less! It is possible to decorate your home with beautiful pieces and not spend a fortune doing it. Today, I'm excited to share these newly refinished painted grey nightstands with you. It's an amazing example of the power of paint!

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DIY Painted Furniture Makeovers

We can't wait to share this next furniture makeover with you! If you've followed us for any length of time you know that we are big proponents of altering furniture when it makes sense. We're firm believers that just because a piece for furniture starts out as something doesn't mean it has to stay in its original state. If it's not functional, if it looks outdated or doesn't fit your decor, ALTER it! You can easily update your furniture by painting it, adding legs, taking off doors, adding design elements or simply just re-thinking it's purpose. Today, we're going to share some examples of DIY painted furniture refinished with all of these in mind!

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Matching Christmas Pajamas for the Entire Family

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Aren't Christmas traditions wonderful!? We have a few of them and one of my favorites is to buy matching christmas pajamas for my kids and watch them open them up on Christmas Eve. Once they unwrap them and put them on, I ask them to sit next to each other around the Christmas tree for a quick 2 minute photo shoot. We take some nice ones and add in LOTS of silly ones. These holiday photos are framed and turned into ornaments for our Christmas tree. Over the years it has been so fun to see how they've grown from one holiday season to the next. My oldest is now a pre-teen so finding comfy pajamas that match at a regular retail store is getting to be tricky.

Interior Decorating Tips For Your Home

Over the years, I have received numerous questions about paint color choices and refinishing furniture. Those conversations usually snowball into questions about seeking advice on how to decorate space. That makes me sweat! Friends, I am so glad to hear that their are others out there that have a hard time visualizing their space and struggle to combine home decor pieces together! The struggle is real... and I am in THAT club with you!

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14 Fall Inspired Furniture Makeovers

In my obsession to find my next paint color for an upcoming furniture project, I thought I would do a little homework and gather some pretty Fall Inspired Furniture Makeovers to inspire some thrifty DIY. We scoured the best and brightest refinished pieces in Autumn earthy inspired colors for this round up.
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Furniture Makeovers with Velvet Finishes

Today, I'm excited to announce our sponsor for the November 2016 Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest™! During the entire month of November we'll have an opportunity to see 20+ talented DIY bloggers take old and outdated pieces of furniture and give them a brand spanking new look with a little bit of paint. Which one will win!? I don't know..... YET! But, it's going to be amazing, it's going to knock your socks off and it's going to be a month full of colorful makeovers!

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Colorful Nightstand Makeover with Dixie Belle Paint

Don't buy new nightstands, refinish and paint your old ones or find an inexpensive pair at a garage sale, thrift shop or estate sale! Painting furniture has been the latest craze for the past 5 years. I think it has become so popular over the years because it allows you to up-cycle and reuse the furniture pieces that you already own and transform them into beautiful new pieces of furniture with just a little bit of paint!

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Modern Painted Nightstands With Country Chic Paint

I have been waiting to share this next furniture makeover for awhile. I found these lovely side tables at a furniture yard sale several months ago for $50. Score! I knew that it was a good price for the pair and that I could turn them into something special. I'm affectionately calling this next furniture makeover the Hudson Side Tables and these twins have been a labor of love! A big thank you to Country Chic Paint for sending us these painting supplies for the project!

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