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21 Remarkable Tips To Make Simple Spaces Exciting and Interesting

Learn some surprisingly simple ways to spice up and update a room without breaking the bank! These tried and true easy methods will leave you saying, "I need to try that!"

Who doesn't love to look at beautiful DIY projects? Especially when you discover that these do-it-yourself projects are not only easy and affordable to implement but they also make an incredible statement and impact in a room! If you're struggling to come up with ideas to update up your own space, keep reading! The following 21+ DIY Interior Design Ideas will help you take your snoozer of a space and turn it into an exciting and interesting one without breaking your bank account! 

Grab your favorite snack or drink and get inspired with these 21+ Remarkable DIY Decor Projects that will leave you saying, "Wow!"

Dry Brush Painting Technique That Makes Furniture Look Like Art

Dry brushing furniture is a fabulous and simple painting technique that adds dimension, color and a naturally layered finish to furniture and DIY crafts. In this dry brushing painting tutorial, we'll not only give you examples of different types of dry brush painting techniques, we'll show you how to transform an old piece of furniture into an amazing piece of art simply by dry brushing paint onto your furniture!

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What Is Dry Brushing With Paint?

In short, dry brushing is a painting technique that uses such a small amount of paint on your paint brush that it feels almost "dry" to the touch. When you use minimal paint on your brush and apply light pressure, the dry brush effect leaves a light and scratchy brush stroke that resembles texture.

Dry brush painting is a furniture painting technique that you typically apply right before you seal your project. Dry brushing adds interest and highlights the gorgeous details of a piece. The reason I LOVE dry brushing the most is because the process goes so quickly! But be prepared. Your friends and family are going to think it took you hours to create your finish! Do you tell them or keep that to yourself, ... that's up to you! ;)

19 Colorful Bohemian Throw Pillows That Will Make You Say, "Wow!"

I confess. I love a mis-matched room full of colorful patterns, textures and white walls. Are you just as intrigued by Bohemian design as I am? Boho styled decor looks effortless and creative and has a sense of sophisticated whimsy.

If you're wanting to incorporate more Bohemian style into your bedroom or home, throw pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to play around with colors.

If you're new to mixing prints, Domino's Best Bohemian Decorating Ideas suggests starting small as you build up your boho home decor. Use different printed accessories like rugs, throw pillows and hanging tapestry. This allows you to mix colors and patterns without giving in to a hard design commitment.

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Painting Furniture with General Finishes Milk Paint

I love a beautiful white painted piece of furniture. White painted furniture always come out looking so fresh and clean! I shared this White Painted Buffet Makeover and these Vintage White Painted Nightstands several months ago. I even painted a piano with white chalk paint®. That was a FUN project!

General Finishes offers a nice white paint called called Antique White. It's the perfect white hue for kitchen cabinets and furniture pieces. If you're looking for a really bright white, General Finishes Snow White might be what you're looking for.

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Scandinavian Inspired Nightstands

What are you going to do with your old and outdated bedroom furniture?

A. Live with it?
B. Sell it/get rid of it & buy new furniture?
C. Save your money and transform your old furniture into something you love!

If you've visited a retail furniture store tor shopped for furniture online his past year then you know just how expensive it is to buy new furniture. Rather then spend several thousand dollars on a new bedroom set, I'm giving YOU a challenge!

Go put your tax return in the bank and save it for something more important! Choose option C and try your hand at updating your existing furniture with some fresh paint and new hardware. Not only will it give your old furniture a fresh new look, it will truly save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars in the process!

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Balayage Inspired DIY Painted Furniture

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I'm WAY overdue for a hair style change so I've been looking at different women's hair styles lately and I'm finding myself gravitating more and more towards getting some blended balayage coloring. "Why, you've already got chalk paint in your pony?" Ha! You're so funny... ;)

While I'm busy finding a really great hair stylist I thought I'd try my own hand at a little balayage furniture painting. ;)

Blue Painted Buffet

Hi Friends! I hope you're having a great week! I'm right smack in the middle of compiling a Painting Furniture Idea resource guide that will give people a chance to see what their furniture could look like in a particular color family.

I hope it will help those of you that struggle to visualize colors and the potential of your furniture. Can't wait!

Here's a sneak peak at our blue painted buffet from our painted furniture makeover series.

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How To Quickly Remove Veneer With A Heat Gun

Okay, I'll admit... this is not the prettiest post. But, I'm excited to share a secret with you! Today, I want to demonstrate a quick and easy way to remove wood veneer from furniture. In this post, you'll receive step by step instructions and a video demonstration on How To Quickly Remove Veneer With A HomeRight Heat Gun

That's right! There are no harmful chemicals involved nor is there any back breaking hard labor. This method of removing veneer is going to save you so much time! It's a game changer!

(This post was sponsored by HomeRight and may contain affiliate links.
Read our full disclosure here.)

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30 Painted Furniture DIY Projects

Can you believe the month of January is already half way over? To celebrate the upcoming month of February, we've pulled together a collection of thirty of some of prettiest Painted Furniture DIY Projects from some of the most talented DIY-ers in a variety of pink, coral and white paint colors. There are SO MANY FABULOUS DIY Painted Furniture Makeovers to drool over!...

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Favorite Furniture Painting Products and Tools

Over the years I have been asked a lot of questions about painting furniture. Many of those questions are centered around what my favorite paint brands or products are for painting furnitureWhat paint brands do you recommend? What brand of primer should I use? What would you recommend I use to seal and protect my furniture after I've painted them? What kind of paint brushes do you use? 

For those of you that are learning how to paint, you've asked some great questions! I've put together a comprehensive category list containing my top 10 favorite kinds of products and tools that I like to use to prep furniturepaint furniture and protect furniture and I'm excited to share it with you! (Mostly because now that it's written down I can just direct those curious folks to this link! ;) I'm teasing... Keep those questions coming, I love it!