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Easy Furniture Makeover You Can Complete In A Weekend

Here's an easy furniture makeover that you can do in a weekend! Learn how to turn your old furniture into swoon-worthy statement pieces and get some wonderful furniture makeover ideas along the way! 

Thrift stores and garage sales offer amazing budget-friendly deals, but often times the used furniture pieces need a compelling DIY furniture renovation before you'd ever consider bringing them into your home. 

Transforming your furniture is easier than you think! So if you're looking to decorate your home on a budget, refinishing used furniture is a thrifty and creative way to go!

Some furniture makeovers can take longer than others depending on the size and scope of the makeover. But today, I want to show you an easy furniture makeover that you can complete in a weekend!

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How To Paint Wood Furniture With Pure & Original Paint

Painting wood furniture will breathe new life into your furniture! Painting wood furniture with Pure & Original paint will give your newly refinished furniture a lovely buttery smooth finish. It's so gorgeous and I'm going to show you why!

You've decided to paint an old piece of furniture.

You know exactly which piece of furniture you'd like to revamp but you're not exactly sure how to paint your wood furniture?

Or maybe you're searching the internet or browsing Pinterest to get some advice on the best places to find used furniture and gather some furniture painting inspiration before you get started.

Whatever the reason, we're sure glad that you're here! This painting furniture tutorial will hopefully answer some of your questions and inspire YOU to try something new!

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5 Fantastic Ways To Transform Your Old China Hutch

Do you have an old china cabinet or hutch that's in need of a major revamp? If your stuck in a rut and can't get over the "I'm not sure exactly how to refinish it" hurdle, you're in luck! In this article, we're sharing FIVE fantastic and creative ways to transform your old china hutch!

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One of the reasons people put off refinishing their china cabinets is because they lack a plan or vision for their furniture makeover. Planning a china hutch makeover is no small feat. There are so many amazing paint colors and style directions that you could go in- it's no wonder that we struggle to make some of those decisions!

22 Black and White Home Decor Pieces You'll Love!

I love the look of black and white together! Do you swoon over it as much as I do? Black and white home decor- patterns, stripes, and accessories in black & white contrasting colors always catches my eye! In this post, you will find 22 beautiful AND budget friendly Black and White Decor Accent Pieces that you can mix and match to add some pizazz and style to YOUR own home!

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How To Color Wash Furniture Easily with Paint!

Spruce up your furniture using a twist on a classic paint color wash! Color washing furniture is a great way to imitate the look of a stain. It's also a great technique for layering paint! Learn how to create a paint color wash on your furniture, and pin this tutorial so you can reference it again later!

Thank you for all of the lovely compliments on our recent nightstands makeover project! I'm so glad you loved the color as much as we did! We're stepping away from color on this next makeover to share a new spin on a classic color washing furniture technique! 

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17 Expert Furniture Refinishers Dish Out The Best Advice!

Are you interested in learning how to refinish or paint furniture but you aren't sure how or where to start? Get some advice from some of the best furniture refinishers in the business. 17 expert furniture refinishers are dishing out their BEST furniture refinishing advice!

I've invited some of the best furniture refinishers and asked them to give YOU their best advice and tips on refinishing furniture. If you are new to painting or refinishing furniture or if you've been eyeing an outdated piece of furniture and have grand plans to refinish it don't you dare put it off any longer! This is the post for YOU!

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Refinishing Furniture With Pure & Original Paint

Pure & Original offers a beautiful color palette & high-quality paint products to help DIY-ers achieve a high-end finish to projects and their home. I'm convinced that you'll be blown away by their paint color choices-including a few new ones that they have recently added! Today, we're sharing a pretty furniture makeover using Pure and Original in Black Hills Classico Paint

I love the color green! In fact, I painted this repurposed hutch, a vintage highboy dresser and the upholstery on this settee using green paintBut, this is the first time that I've used such a rich green hue on furniture and I absolutely love it!

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How To Transform Second Hand Furniture Easily

Transforming second hand furniture is an easy and economical way to revamp a space! In this post, you're going to discover the best places to find second-hand furniture along with our best tips for what to look for when buying used furniture. We'll provide you with step by step instructions on How To Refinish and Update Second Hand Furniture properly so YOU can customize your home and save some money at the same time! 

Many moons ago, before the chalk paint® craze and before I had a handle on painting furniture, I was thumbing through the Craigslist ads in search of a used kitchen table.

I had two young boys at the time and I knew that I didn't want to spend a lot of money on an old table that may or may not catch some abuse over the next few years.

But just because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a second hand piece of furniture, that didn't mean that I didn't want a nice table for my family to look or eat at.

Without too much searching on Craigslist, I discovered a used farmhouse style table and four chairs offered for the low price of $65.

I snatched them up, ran to the store and bought myself 12 cans of white spray paint (smack forehead), too thick of a foam pad to reupholster my chairs made plenty of mistakes along the way then gave the table the royal scratch down to achieve the perfect distressed and worn farmhouse look (sarcasm).

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21 Remarkable Tips To Make Simple Spaces Exciting and Interesting

Learn some surprisingly simple ways to spice up and update a room without breaking the bank! These tried and true easy methods will leave you saying, "I need to try that!"

Who doesn't love to look at beautiful DIY projects? Especially when you discover that these do-it-yourself projects are not only easy and affordable to implement but they also make an incredible statement and impact in a room! If you're struggling to come up with ideas to update up your own space, keep reading! The following 21+ DIY Interior Design Ideas will help you take your snoozer of a space and turn it into an exciting and interesting one without breaking your bank account! 

Grab your favorite snack or drink and get inspired with these 21+ Remarkable DIY Decor Projects that will leave you saying, "Wow!"

Dry Brush Painting Technique That Makes Furniture Look Like Art!

Dry brushing furniture is a fun and simple painting technique that adds dimension, color and interest to your furniture! By layering paint vertically we transformed an old desk into an amazing piece of art! In this tutorial, you'll learn a variety of layering and dry brush painting techniques so you can tap into your creativity and imagine up your own works of furniture art! 

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What Is Dry Brushing With Paint?

In short, dry brushing is a painting technique that uses such a small amount of paint on your paint brush that it feels almost "dry" to the touch. When you use minimal paint on your brush and apply light pressure, the dry brush effect leaves a light and scratchy brush stroke that resembles texture.

Dry brush painting is a furniture painting technique that you typically apply right before you seal your project. Dry brushing adds interest and highlights the gorgeous details of a piece. The reason I LOVE dry brushing the most is because the process goes so quickly! But be prepared. Your friends and family are going to think it took you hours to create your finish! Do you tell them or keep that to yourself, ... that's up to you! ;)