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Grey Painted Nightstands

Paint those garage sale furniture finds and turn them into gorgeous pieces of furniture for less! It is possible to decorate your home with beautiful pieces and not spend a fortune doing it. Today, I'm excited to share these newly refinished painted grey nightstands with you. It's an amazing example of the power of paint!

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17 Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas For Men

Have you been invited to an ugly christmas sweater party and now you're ready to start looking for some ugly christmas sweater ideas? You've come to the right place!

I didn't realize this but there is actually a National Ugly Sweater Day. Did you know this? So, not only can you wear your ugly christmas sweaters to your office Christmas parties and holiday get togethers but on the third Friday of every December, National Ugly Sweater Day gives YOU an opportunity to wear that funny holiday sweater one more time (wink)! I had no idea!

So that got me thinking.... how many ugly christmas sweaters are there to choose from? And since ugly holiday sweater parties are thrown year after year, we might as well find one that we're willing to wear more then once, right?!

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DIY Painted Furniture Makeovers

We can't wait to share this next furniture makeover with you! If you've followed us for any length of time you know that we are big proponents of altering furniture when it makes sense. We're firm believers that just because a piece for furniture starts out as something doesn't mean it has to stay in its original state. If it's not functional, if it looks outdated or doesn't fit your decor, ALTER it! You can easily update your furniture by painting it, adding legs, taking off doors, adding design elements or simply just re-thinking it's purpose. Today, we're going to share some examples of DIY painted furniture refinished with all of these in mind!

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Matching Christmas Pajamas for the Entire Family

Matching Christmas pajamas are always a such SPECIAL tradition in our home. It's always FUN to get the whole family or all of the kids together to take family pictures wearing matching pajamas. In this post you'll find the BEST Christmas Matching Pajamas for your entire family!

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links to products I love and use everyday. This means that I receive a small commission for purchases that are made through these links. Please read our full disclosure here for more info.


Aren't Christmas traditions wonderful!? 

We have a few of them and one of my favorites is to buy matching christmas pajamas for my kids and watch them open them up on Christmas Eve.

Once they unwrap them and put them on, I ask them to sit next to each other around the Christmas tree for a quick 2 minute photo shoot. 

We take some nice ones and add in LOTS of silly poses. These holiday photos get framed and are turned into Christmas ornaments for our tree.

Over the years it has been so fun to see how they've grown from one holiday season to the next. 

My oldest is now a pre-teen so finding inexpensive Christmas pajamas that match at a regular retail store is starting to get tricky. 

They are hard to find!

Until now...


Interior Decorating Tips For Your Home

A step-by-step guidebook to help you decorate your home with ease. Learn the best interior design tips and tricks for renters, homes and for all budgets!

Over the years, I have received numerous questions about paint color choices and refinishing furniture. Those conversations usually snowball into questions about seeking advice on how to decorate space

That makes me sweat! Friends, I am so glad to hear that their are others out there that have a hard time visualizing their space and struggle to combine home decor pieces together! The struggle is real... and I am in THAT club with you!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links, which I'll probably use to buy more paint! Please read our disclosure here.

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14 Fall Inspired Furniture Makeovers

In my obsession to find my next paint color for an upcoming furniture project, I thought I would do a little homework and gather some pretty Fall Inspired Furniture Makeovers to inspire some thrifty DIY. We scoured the best and brightest refinished pieces in Autumn earthy inspired colors for this round up.
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Colorful Nightstand Makeover with Dixie Belle Paint

Painting outdated furniture is an inexpensive and creative way to add color to your space! We're sharing a colorful nightstand makeover using a new favorite chalk mineral paint called Dixie Belle Paint. Are you brave enough to paint your furniture in a bold hue?

Don't buy new nightstands, refinish and paint your old ones or find an inexpensive pair at a garage sale, thrift shop or estate sale! 

Painting furniture has been the latest craze for the past five years. 

I think it has become so popular over the years because it allows you to up-cycle and reuse the furniture pieces that you already own and transform them inexpensively into beautiful new pieces of furniture with just a little bit of paint! 

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Modern Painted Nightstands With Country Chic Paint

Repurposing furniture can be as simple as changing out the hardware or painting it a different color. Come see how we updated these vintage yard sale nightstands and transformed them into Modern Painted Nightstands with Country Chic Paint and a little bit of imagination!

I have been waiting to share this next furniture makeover with you for awhile now! 

Perhaps its because I enthusastically scored these lovely side tables at a furniture yard sale for the bargain price of $50, then brought them home to sit while I decided which paint color to paint them.

I'm affectionately calling this next furniture makeover the Hudson Side Tables and these twins have been a labor of love!

A big thank you to Country Chic Paint for sending us the furniture paint for these painted nightstands!

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Easy DIY Chalkboard Sign Tutorial

DIY signs are easy to make! In this DIY sign tutorial, you'll learn how to enlarge an image for FREE and repurpose a mirror into a chalk board to create an easy DIY Fall Chalkboard Sign. DIY signs are a budget friendly option when you're looking for inexpensive home decor, even a beginner can do it!

It's not very often that I show you the "after" of a finished project at the beginning of my posts. However, I wanted to show YOU that YOU CAN create beautiful DIY signs and they:

  • don't have to be expensive!
  • you don't have to have nice handwriting to artistic abilities to make them look beautiful!
  • you don't even have to have wood OR TOOLS to create them!

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In the time that it took me to watch a movie, I was done with this homemade chalkboard sign. Are you intrigued?! Excited to learn how? I hope so! Because THIS DIY sign was so easy to put together!

AND this particular style of homemade sign is so versatile! You change them and use them for just about any time of the year!


A Simple and Easy Way To Create Hairpin Leg Furniture

Modern hairpin leg furniture can be expensive. Learn how to create your own DIY hairpin furniture and get an industrial or modern look! Up-cyle your own furniture, add hairpin legs and create something unique for your space!

Modern and industrial furniture has been trending in homes for decades. Furniture with simple and minimal lines create a sense of calmness to a space and can also add an eclectic element to a home.

Because modern and industrial furniture is in high demand, it can not only be hard to come by but it can also be cha-ching expensive to purchase!

Today, we're going to show you an easy way to create your own modern hairpin leg furniture! 


How To Create A Restoration Hardware Faux Finish

We love this faux paint finish so much we're adding it to our awesome layering paint resource page! Learn how to create an easy DIY Restoration Hardware faux finish for your own furniture. Our step by step tutorial walks you through how to layer and dry brush metallic paint onto your furniture to create your own layered zinc finish that will fool even the choosiest of friends! Save yourself some big money and create your own Restoration Hardware knock off!

I'm not willing to pay several hundred dollars or even a $1000 for a piece of furniture from Restoration Hardware. 

Unless I need a new sofa or mattress, the thought of paying an inflated sticker price for brand new furniture makes me ill.

But, just because I'm not willing to spend a lot of money on furniture doesn't mean that I don't want the look of high end furniture in my home! 

What if you could have both?! 

Today, I'm going to show you an easy tutorial for a DIY Restoration Hardware finish that will leave your family and friends guessing how you got such a neat layered zinc finish...

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Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company Green Painted Dresser

Learn how to paint your furniture using Old Fashioned Milk Paint! Tavern Green is one of my favorite Old Fashioned Milk Paint colors. In this green painted dresser makeover, I'll share with you some of my very best milk paint tips and tricks!

painted dresser ideas, green painted dresser, milk painted dresser

Hi Friends! Today, I'm sharing a quick painted dresser makeover in one of my very favorite colors... Tavern Green from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co.

It's one of my favorite paint colors from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co.

In this post, I'll share with you how to mix the milk paint powder, how to prepare and apply Old Fashioned Milk Paint to your furniture and where you can buy milk paint at.

Save This Milk Painted Dresser To Pinterest
painted dresser, dresser ideas, green dresser, before and after dresser, milk paint


The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Farmhouse Dresser Makeover

This post is sponsored by The Old Fahioned Milk Paint Co. However, the opinions and thoughts expressed within this post are 100% my own.

It's time to introduce a new theme for our Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest™! We can't wait to see what our 40+ furniture flipping contestants will come up with! I'm a sucker for a great farmhouse piece and who better to pair farmhouse furniture with then The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. This amazing paint gives furniture a wonderful authentic old look without a lot of effort. It's easy to mix and apply. It dries quickly and it's environmentally safe. If you missed it, you can read about our Marissa Dresser Makeover refinished in OFMP in Pitch Black.

milk paint, how to paint furniture, painted furniture, furniture before and after, fab flipping contest, flipping contest, ofmp, how to use milk paint

A brand new contest starts today! 
If you're interested in joining the #fabflippincontest in the future keep reading!


25 Incredible Painted Patriotic Furniture Makeovers Celebrating The Red, White & Blue!

You are bound to be inspired with these 25 AMAZING Patriotic Furniture Makeovers! These furniture projects painted in red, white and blue furniture paint are sure to get you excited for your Memorial Day weekend or Fourth of July celebrations!

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. 

I love the REASON behind this holiday! It's the chance to celebrate our beautiful country together with friends and family, BBQ and eat corn on the cob and the ultimate highlight of the day... sitting next to my family to watch some amazing fireworks go off! 

In celebration of this remarkable holiday,  I have 25 INCREDIBLE DIY Patriotic Furniture Makeovers to share with you! 

4th of July furniture, Fourth of July decor, Patriotic decor ideas, diy 4th of july, red painted furniture, blue painted furniture, white painted furniture, 4th of july decor


DIY Painted Thrift Store Picture Frames

get help planning your gallery wall, painting picture frames, painted picture frames, diy picture frames

Good morning, Friends! What in the world do you do with all of your old and outdated picture frames? Donate them? You could! What if I showed you the possibility of re-vamping them so that they'll fit your space and color scheme? Here's a quick and easy before of some old frames that I had lying around. Whatcha got at your house? Do you have any that match mine? ;)



Saltwash™ creates a unique paint finish for furniture. This Saltwash paint additive can be combined with any kind of paint to create a beautiful distressed and worn paint finish. 

If you're curious how Saltwash™ works you are in for a treat! We're sharing step-by-step instructions on how to use Saltwash™ along with our favorite salt wash paint tips and tricks! 

We also have a helpful Saltwash™ video demonstration AND we're sharing our very favorite Saltwash™ projects to give you all kinds of ideas!

Coastal and beach decor using Saltwash. Beach weathered worn look created using salt wash.


Summer is here and if you're like me you'll agree that there's nothing better then spending some time at a pool, lake or beach to relax and unwind, read a book or enjoy making memories with friends and family. 

In this post we are talking about how easy it is to create DIY coastal weathered furniture and home decor using Saltwash™.  

Someday, I would love to have a lake house or beach front property. It's on my bucket list! ;) If you're looking to create DIY coastal home decor to go with yours, we can help!


Layering Chalk Paint® On Furniture

Layering Chalk Paint® is a fun and easy way to give your furniture pieces some added depth, dimension and interest. Using these simple layering paint techniques, you'll learn how to layer two colors of chalk paint together to create visual interest and depth to your furniture piece. Layering paint with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® colors is really simple and easy to do

With a little bit of practice, even a beginner can do it! There are a lot of different ways to achieve a layered Chalk Paint® look

Today, I'm going to explain one of my favorite methods, called Dry Brushing. With this method, I'll be two color distressing with chalk paint and explain how to layer chalk paint colors. 
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How To Create A Gallery Wall Using Old Picture Frames

Country Chic Paint sponsored this post however, I LOVE their Pocket Watch metallic cream so much that I would share regardless! Please read my disclosure policy.

Do you have a bare wall that's been staring back at you? Have you been dreaming of pulling it together to create a gallery wall but you're not sure how to turn that dream into a realty? 

Tell me why! Is it because you:

- Don't know where to start?
- It's hard to visualize the layout. You're unsure about the pictures you might want to use?
- Do you think a gallery wall will cost a lot of money?

I'm here to help you debunk all three of these myths and light some fire under that touché of yours! My hope is that by the time you're done reading this post you will...

1.) Have Been Inspired.
2.) Recognize That YOU Can Do This and
3.) Feel Like YOU Have The Tools & Resources To Start And FINISH Your Beloved Gallery Wall

I want you to slay it. Conquer it. And check it off your list! No more regrets. No more putting it off. (Do you hear the theme from Rocky playing in your background?) Well it is, CHAMP! Here's how YOU are going to pull off your gallery wall in one week!

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Painted Dresser in Peacock Blue!

Learn how to easily it is to paint a dresser! Painting your bedroom furniture is an easy and inexpensive way to update your space! In this Painted Peacock Blue Dresser Makeover, we'll teach you how to clean and prep, paint and protect your furniture as well as paint your furniture hardware!

Peacock blue is such a wonderful shade. It's warm, regal and it really makes a statement.

Peacock blue works nicely with shades of white, silvers, beiges and other vibrant colors like orange and hot pink.

If you love the color but couldn't handle it on your wall, painting your dresser peacock blue might just be your thing!

I hope that when you see this painted dresser idea you will have all kinds of furniture refinishing ideas start to swirl around!

Adding a bold paint color is a quick and affordable way to update your space. Painting your existing furnishings is not only budget and eco-friendly, but its a quick fix to updating those outdated pieces. 

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Refurbished Media Console Dry Brushed With Metallic Cream

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Metallic Cream is one of my favorite products that Country Chic Paint offers. So, we went on a hunt to find the best detailed piece we could find to rescue and re-love.

This post was sponsored by Country Chic Paint and may contain affiliate links. However, I love their Metallic Cream so much that I'd scream it to the roof tops no matter what! View our disclosure policy here.

"Bling Bling!" Country Chic Metallic Cream

Hi Friends! I'm excited to announce that during the month of May the contestants at The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest™ will be flipping more then FIFTY sad and drab pieces of furniture and giving them a big time face lift! These transformations are going to be DYNAMIC! How can I make such a bold statement!? Oh. That's. So. Easy. ;) We have an incredibly talented pool of DIY Bloggers who will be incorporating Country Chic Paint's Metallic Cream into their furniture makeovers!

This post is sponsored by Country Chic Paint. However, I'm completely smitten with their products! My thoughts expressed in this post are 100% my own. 
For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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If you haven't had a chance to try CCP Metallic Cream, you are missing out! It comes in pint (16oz) size containers and is available in four beautiful colors: Silver Bullet (silver), Pocket Watch (gold), Belt Buckle (bronze) and Trigger (pewter). A little bit of this cream goes a loooong way and provides some serious glitz when it's applied to the detailed areas of a piece.

Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest With Pure & Original Paint

This post contains affiliate links from Pure & Original. Please see my disclosure policy. 

 I still can't believe that it's April! I love Arizona in the Spring. (Okay, let's be real. I love Arizona, period.) But, especially right now! Currently, we are enjoying the most amazing smelling orange blossoms and fresh limes, lemons, oranges and grapefruits are drooping heavy on the trees. It's a great time to come visit! Fresh orange juice anyone? Okay, how about some freshly squeezed ice cold limeade/lemonade? Twist my arm, I say! ;)


5 Tips For Layering Paint That Will Get You Excited!

We're sharing 5 AWESOME and EASY tips for layering paint so you can create beautifully blended paint colors on your furniture and DIY home decor! 

In this furniture painting tutorial, you'll learn how to blend and layer paint onto a mirror with these easy color layering and blending painting tips! 

This furniture painting technique can absolutely transfer over if you're looking to layer multiple paint colors on your furniture as well!

You won't believe how easy it is to create high end looking furniture from your thrift store finds using this layered painting technique!

layering paint, layered paint, layer paint, how to layer paint, layering multiple colors, furniture painting, painted furniture, painted mirror

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to products I love and use everyday. You can view our full disclosure here.

Painting mirrors are one of my favorite things to paint. 


Because I'm not a patient person.

Not many of us are, right!?

And if you're like me then you enjoy a pretty furniture before and after that's EASY! 

Whether you're just starting to learn how to paint furniture or if you've been painting for awhile and you've never tried your hand at painting a mirror..  Friends, paint a mirror! 

It's the perfect sized project to learn how to layer multiple colors of paint. In as little as an hour, you'll be able to say good-bye to your old mirror and hello to a pretty new one!

Related Furniture Painting Article: Layering Chalk Paint® on Furniture


Green Painted Furniture Ideas

Would you paint your furniture green? Take a peak at these AMAZING green painted furniture ideas. From painting upholstery with chalk paint® to refinishing furniture in green milk paint, we're showing you FOUR of our best furniture makeovers painted in green!

Top of the morning you 'all! Happy St. Patricks Day to you! We LOVE the color GREEN! From painting upholstery and fabric to painting wood, we've done it all. In celebration of this day, we'd like to roll back the clock and share some of our FAVORITE Green Painted Furniture transformations with you!

green furniture, green desk, green hutch, green mirror, chalk paint, milk paint, emerald green, general finishes, annie sloan, refinished furniture in green paint, painting upholstery


How To Update Nightstands: A Stunning Makeover

** Country Chic Paint provided me with the products for this furniture makeover, however the thoughts and opinions expressed here are out of 100% delight!

I live in a city full of retirees and I love it. They exude wisdom, compassion for my children, and for the most part are so friendly. Another perk?! They often downsize and sell some of the best furniture pieces for amazing prices. I recently had the pleasure of meeting a kind old man who was selling a pair of campaign style nightstands from their guest room. I'm pretty sure they didn't entertain guests often, because these were in breathtaking condition. 

Um, if they were in such great condition, why did you paint them? 
Head on over to Country Chic Paint to find out why! 

I took these unflattering chests and paired them with one of my favorite paint colors from Country Chic Paint and transformed them into eye catching pieces. The contrast between the brass hardware and this bright and bold navy hue makes me smile. 

We're taking this furniture makeover to Country Chic Paint today. While you're there, sit back and enjoy a treasure trove of inspirational projects from some wonderful talented bloggers!

Have a great weekend!
Carrie || Thirty Eighth Street


How To Update Furniture: The Ackerson Chest

I received products from Country Chic Paint to complete this furniture makeover, however the opinions and thoughts expressed here are 100% my own.

Hi Friends!  I'm over at Country Chic Paint today to share a quick and easy furniture makeover with some custom paint touches. We turned this lovely serpentine chest into a gorgeous neutral side table and we didn't even take the hardware off. Lazy! Yes, we are!

Hop on over to get the skinny on this custom shade and to see this refinished piece in all it's glory...

Take Care!
Carrie || Thirty Eighth Street

How To Add Amazing Texture To Furniture

There are several different painting techniques that you can use to add texture to furniture. You can layer chalk paint® to add texture to your furniture, add depth and texture by incorporating fabric into your furniture makeover, or you can give the appearance of texture by using stencils or textured wallpaper

Today, I want to show you how to use old wood scraps to help build a modern and cool texture to any flat paneled piece of furniture. 

adding texture to furniture, unique texture to furniture, DIY texture furniture, textured finish


Create A Stylish & Functional Kid's Workspace

I'm a mom of two school aged kids which means every week I am handed an assortment of important papers. They come in the form of graded quizzes, tests, time consuming projects and creative works of art! But, we can't keep them all...

To cut down on the paper trail, each year our children select five of their favorite keepsakes to help them remember their school year. I like to take pictures of the artwork that means the most to them so that we can perserve and remember their talents at each age.

We combine these pictures along with our watercolor family photos and use them in our gallery walls. All of the rest of their "treasures" get displayed on a bulletin board in their room on a rotation basis so that we can enjoy their hard work and creative juices all year long! A new gem arrives and old gets discarded.

children's work space, kids work space, desk ideas for kids, displaying art work

Although a bulletin board checks off the box for being functional it doesn't necessarily meet the standards for being stylish. So, today I'm going to show you a quick and easy way to add a little design to the simplest of organizational tools!


DIY Rustic Farmhouse Desks From A Kitchen Table

repurposing a table into a desk, farmhouse desk, farmhouse table, cutting a table into two desks, diy desk, kids desks

Today, I am sharing a fantastic way to re-purpose an old table and turn it into a rustic and space saving rustic farmhouse desk.

Let's face it, space is a commodity! Especially in our kids bedrooms. What if I could show you a way to get two desks out of one ugly kitchen table?

This next furniture makeover is not only going to save on space, it's going to get a lot of bang for our buck!