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Saltwash™ Coastal Inspiration Furniture Makeover

Summer is here and if you're like me you'll agree that there's nothing better then spending some time at a pool, lake or beach to relax and unwind, read a book or enjoy making memories with friends and family. In this post we are talking about how easy it is to create DIY coastal weathered furniture and decor using Saltwash™.  

Someday, I would love to have a lake house or beach front property. It's on my bucket list! ;) Until then I have a close runner up...  but I have to warn you... we're hugging the line of borderline obsession. 

Coastal and beach decor using Saltwash. Beach weathered worn look created using salt wash.
Image Courtesy of Saltwash™

Disclosure: Saltwash™ sponsored this post. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our full disclosure here.

In a nutshell, Saltwash™ is a simple and easy to use paint additive that helps you create a unique textured look that mimicks a weathered and worn "I've been out in the sun vibe!"  Saltwash™ is a colorless powder that can be added to ANY type of paint or brand. Once you add it to your paint and stir, it should thicken to the consistency of cake frosting. This becomes your base coat application.

Add Saltwash paint additive to any kind of paint. Use dab like motions to create tall peaks that will add texture and character to furniture, signs, or decor.

Simply apply your base coat to your project using a paint brush and a dab like motion. This "glob technique" should create valleys and peaks with your Saltwater™ base coat. 

View my one-minute practice session on this remnant board and watch me dab away! ;) I chose to use white for this practice session, but again you can use any color for your base!

Tips For Working With Saltwash™

  • You'll want to work in small sections and allow it to dry just enough to feel "tacky".  (For me that took about 10 minutes). 

  • Then with paint brush in hand, you'll gently wipe the peaks using light paint strokes in a back and forth motion. The goal here is to only slightly smooth out the Saltwater™ layer without removing a lot of the texture. 

  • Once it has completely dried, you're ready to add your layer(s) of paint. Once you're paint is totally dry, you can lightly sand your project or furniture piece to reveal the under layer details of your Saltwash™ base. It's THAT simple!

Throughout the month of June, you'll have an opportunity to see different examples of beachy furniture makeovers using Saltwash™ from some amazing DIY bloggers. 

salt wash paint is an easy to use base coat formula to give a layered and textured effect when mixed with any brand or type of paint.

I've have my own Coastal Inspired before and after to "tide" you over! Did ya like that pun!? ;) We're calling this furniture makeover The Driftwood Dresser. It's a vintage highboy that was purchased from a lovely couple at an estate sale. 

This highboy had a few gouges and LOTS of scratches to its wood finish. The bones of this piece were in great shape and the scratches made it an ideal candidate for a beachy inspired piece!

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We gave the drawer fronts some gorgeous texture by applying the Saltwash™ paint additive to some medium toned grey chalk style paint. Once it was dry, we added a layer of warm white paint and then gave it a light distressing. 

Adding Texture To Furniture With Saltwash™, Adding Texture With Saltwash. Saltwashed Distressed Dresser.

This was a quick and easy furniture flip rich in texture and so fun to do!

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You can purchase Saltwash™  here on Amazon. 
 What could YOU create with Saltwash™?

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"Sea" YOU later! 
Carrie || Thirty Eighth Street

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  1. LMAO! You're so 'punny'! hehe he ;)
    Awesome piece tooooo

  2. It's a beauituful piece and I love the color you picked out. Lovely

  3. So gorgeous! Thanks so much for linking up with us at The DIY Collective Link Party! Please come back and party with us again next Thursday! xoxo, Cassie @ Little Red Window

  4. Your makeover turned out absolutely fabulous Carrie! Love the distressed look of it. Soo lovely! I've never heard of that product so thanks for sharing it with us at Vintage Charm.

    1. Saltwash™ is so fun to play with! Thanks, Tuula!

  5. You did a wonderful job. Love the finish. I will be featuring this tuesday evening at 8pm EST at my Sizzle into Summer party. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks. http://diybydesign.blogspot.com

  6. Love it! It totally transformed your piece. Thank you for linking up to Talk DIY to Me.

  7. How awesome is this painting technique?! Coastal decor is all the rage here in South Carolina and this would be a great way to update a piece of furniture!

    We loved this project so much that we have featured it at The DIY Collective this week!

    {Big hugs} and thanks for sharing!
    ~ Ashley

    1. Thanks, Ashley! It was SO much fun to play with... I'm glad you liked it! :)

  8. So beach chic! Love it and featuring this evening on The Painted Drawer Link Party! Thanks SO much for linking up!

  9. I am amazed at this beautiful update! It is such a unique piece with a great beachy feel!

  10. Great update with beautiful colors!

  11. The grey is a great look! The next thing I'm anxious to do is some really rough wood.

  12. Love this technique with the soft grey Carrie, wonderful piece!

    1. Thank you, Brenda! Saltwash was such a fun product to play with. :)