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Matching Christmas Pajamas for the Entire Family

Matching Christmas pajamas are always a such SPECIAL tradition in our home. It's always FUN to get the whole family or all of the kids together to take family pictures wearing matching pajamas. In this post you'll find the BEST Christmas Matching Pajamas for your entire family!

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links to products I love and use everyday. This means that I receive a small commission for purchases that are made through these links. Please read our full disclosure here for more info.


Aren't Christmas traditions wonderful!? 

We have a few of them and one of my favorites is to buy matching christmas pajamas for my kids and watch them open them up on Christmas Eve.

Once they unwrap them and put them on, I ask them to sit next to each other around the Christmas tree for a quick 2 minute photo shoot. 

We take some nice ones and add in LOTS of silly poses. These holiday photos get framed and are turned into Christmas ornaments for our tree.

Over the years it has been so fun to see how they've grown from one holiday season to the next. 

My oldest is now a pre-teen so finding inexpensive Christmas pajamas that match at a regular retail store is starting to get tricky. 

They are hard to find!

Until now...


I've scoured the internet in search of the perfect matching holiday pajamas and today I'm going to share the perfect place for finding affordable matching family pajamas!

Whether you're in need of warm and comfy Christmas pajamas for a large crew or just for a few we've got you covered! 

Below you'll find Christmas pajamas for kids, matching pajamas for couples, and some REALLY adorable holiday family pajama sets perfect for a large group!

Can you believe they even have matching outfits for pets? If you want to get your furry friends in the Christmas family picture, they have the cutest dog Christmas attire that will match your family Christmas pajamas.

Here are just a few matching Christmas pajama sets that look adorable and get GREAT ratings! If you see Christmas pajamas that you like you can click on them to get more information.

#1 Matching Holiday Family Pajamas with Flapjacks on Amazon

This soft matching Christmas Pajama set has darling cutouts in the behind. "Don't Moose With Me" is my favorite but there are several different sayings you can choose from! This particular set comes in pink and also navy blue. Here are some additional matching flapjack pajamas styles to choose from. So cute!

family wearing matching christmas pajamas with flapjack cut outs

Christmas trees in a variety of styles in these soft pastels colors create a cozy boho feel with these inexpensive but comfortable matching Christmas pajama sets. 

Family wearing matching Christmas Pajamas with Christmas Trees on them.

#3 Polar Bear Winter Family Matching Pajama Set

This cute and cozy winter holiday matching pajama set has enough polar bears to fit the entire family!

family wearing matching holiday pajamas with polar bears on them

Are you looking for cousin crew pajamas in your family? How about this adorable set of matching pajamas for all the cousins to wear this year? Wouldn't this make for an adorable family picture at your next Christmas gathering? Kids matching Christmas pajamas are the cutest.

kid wearing matching christmas pajamas with the words cousin crew on them

If you have furry friends that are part of your family, there are some incredibly cute matching family pajamas for both the family and your dog. No matter what size dog you have, there is something here that will fit everyone!

matching christmas pajamas for family and dog

These budget friendly Christmas matching pjs are really cute! There are several different patterns to choose from but this family matching Christmas pajama set is my favorite. 

family and dog wearing matching holiday pajamas with christmas trees on them

#7 Kids Matching Christmas Pajamas

Maybe you're looking to match just the children's Christmas pajamas together? 

Here are some really fun and unique childrens Christmas pajama sets that would look adorable for all the kids! These jammies have glow in the dark Christmas trees on them. How magical and fun is this?!

glow in the dark christmas tree printed kids christmas pajamas

These matching Christmas pajamas have a festive design that's both soft and comfortable. During a busy holiday season, these can offer a welcome rest from the hustle and bustle. 

The cozy nature of these pajamas can help your kids relax and enjoy the Christmas season to the fullest. Whether you're reading a Christmas story, watching holiday movies, or sipping hot cocoa, these matching pajamas add an extra layer of comfort and warmth.

family wearing matching christmas pajamas with the words Believe on them

The photo opportunities are endless when you've got your family dressed in uproarious Christmas PJs. From silly poses to exaggerated expressions, you can capture moments of pure joy and comedy that you'll cherish for years to come. These are some of our top picks for funny family Christmas pajamas!

You Serious Clark? funny family Christmas Pajamas

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal funny family Christmas PJs

Most Likely Pajama T Shirts that can be customized and paired with pajama pants. 

What The Elf? funny Christmas pajamas

Holiday Charged funny Christmas pajamas

family wearing matching funny family Christmas pajamas with the words You Serious Clark? on them.

These classic Christmas prints never get old. These Christmas jammies are a hit for all those that love traditional Disney, Charlie Brown and Snoopy!

Snoopy Christmas Pajamas

Match your partner or spouse with festive Christmas onsesies! They are both comfortable and cute! They also come in children's sizes if you want to match the entire family. 

Couple wearing a matching Christmas Onesie Pajama with Green and White Stripes

#12 Holiday Christmas Pajamas in Pretty Pastel Colors

Loving these matching holiday Christmas pajamas with words of cheer in pretty pastel colors. These come in a variety of sizes!

family wearing matching holiday christmas pajamas in pastel colors

#13 To the North Pole Christmas PJ's

How adorable is this Christmas PJ set? Reindeers and letters addressed to Santa are on their way to the North Pole!

Family wearing matching christmas pjs with letters to Santa on them.

If you are looking for a more budget friendly option to match your Christmas jammies stick with matching Christmas pajama pants and pair them with a solid color t-shirt. 

family wearing matching christmas pajama bottoms with red, grey and white stripes

#15 Cute Christmas Pajamas That Match

Rounding out our last favorite pair is this cute set of matching Christmas sleepwear that has both a modern and simple design. 

family wearing matching cute christmas pajamas with white and black stripes and a black top with a christmas tree on it


Kids wearing elf pajamas by a Christmas tree

These elf pajamas are a hoot! Start a family tradition as you count down to Christmas! 

Pop some popcorn, snuggle into these adorable elf Christmas pajamas while you watch the movie Elf together as a family.

They even have elf pajamas for babies!

Elf Family Pjs for the enitre family. 

Here are some cute Striped Elf Matching Christmas Pajamas

Mama Claus, Papa Claus and Elf Family Holiday Pajamas

And don't forget the dog. You'll find some adorable Dog Elf accessories for your next Christmas photo!

If you really want to get into it, here are some FUN elf socks to go with it. 


These cheap matching family Christmas pajamas with the Gnomes are one of my favorites! 

Let It Snow Christmas Pjs For The Whole Family

These matching Christmas pjs are adorable!!

Christmas Matching Family Pajamas in Green and Red Plaid
Love these inexpensive and traditional family pajamas!


Watch A Charlie Brown's Christmas in these cute Christmas jammies. 


You don't have to match exactly! These coordinating Christmas PJs compliment each other without being too matchy-matchy.

These Merry Christmas Family Pajamas are so festive and cute. Love the bright color pallet!

Grey Plaid Deer Christmas Jammies are the perfect Christmas jammies to spend at a cabin or winter wonderland holiday getaway!


If you're looking for matching pajamas without the Christmas print, these matching footed pajamas are fantastic! There's so many footed pajama options, even the dog can join in on the fun!

It can be so hard to find footed pajamas for adults let alone matching pajamas for adults AND kids. These matching hoodie footed pajamas are so soft and comfy!

I LOVE these matching Navy Pink Polka Dot Hoodie Footed Pajamas. They are both affordable and so soft!

Click here to see a complete list of adorable matching footed pajamas in a variety of colors and patterns. I guarantee you'll be able to find some irresistible matching pajama sets!


See more Adorable Family Pajama Sets! In just a few minutes you can find the BEST family Christmas pajamas. You no longer have to shop store to store to find matching Christmas pajamas for the whole family.. it makes shopping so easy!

Matching holiday jammies make the perfect Christmas Eve gift for kids plus they make such cute holiday photo shoots... pets included. ;)

Do you enjoy reading Christmas stories to your children or grandchildren?

Here's a popular list of the BEST 50+ Christmas Books for Kids!

We have several of these in our Christmas book collection and my kids always look forward to reading them during the Christmas season!

If you enjoyed this post, we would love it if you would share it on Pinterest or Facebook!

Enjoy making those memories and taking those darling Christmas photos with your family during this Christmas season! 

Carrie || Thirty Eighth Street


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