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15 Unique Unicorn SPiT Furniture Makeovers

Learn how to use Unicorn SPiT™ Stain PLUS see 15 Unique Furniture Projects refinished in Unicorn SPiT™!

Let's take a break from talking about paint for a minute. Let's talk spit. 

It has four letters. 

Cowboys & ranchers do it. Athletes & coaches do it. 

Bikers do it. 

Personally, I think its kind of gross. 

But, if you add the word Unicorn in front of it... it becomes a real game changer.

Disclaimer: Unicorn SPiT™ provided me with Unicorn SPiT's Gel Stain and Glaze in One™ to try. However, all of my opinions are honest and 100% my own.

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What is Unicorn SPiT™? Artists are playing with it. DIY-ers are creating with it and furniture enthusiasts can't get enough of it!

Unicorn SPiT™ stain is a vibrantly colored wood stain that is COLORFUL non-toxic, and water based. One of the best things about it? It doesn't smell like a stain, it smells like Jasmine! 

That's right, Unicorn SPiT™ actually makes you smell good! 


You can apply it with a paintbrush, syringe, a roller brush or with your very own hands! 

Unicorn SPiT's beautifully vibrant colors soak deep into the wood grain and when you combine multiple colors together, you can create GORGEOUS three-dimensional effects that would take hours to replicate with other products. 

It makes you look like a master artist and all you did was, well... spit!

Check out this Unicorn SPiT Pull Method by Mag Designs. 



Michelle Gordon is the creator and founder of Unicorn SPiT™ and has created some amazing techniques using this vibrant color stain. 

Whatever method you use to add dimension, vibrant art and unique results to furniture and DIY projects, be sure to use only oil based top coats to seal the Unicorn SPiT™ with.

FamoWood Glaze Coat are all great top coat choices when you're working with Unicorn SPiT™!


You can purchase Unicorn SPiT at retailers or here on Amazon! 

You can buy colors individually or you can purchase Unicorn SPiT colors in sets. 

This set RIGHT HERE is highly rated because it gives you 10 different 8 oz. vibrant colors!

I personally love the colors Phoenix Fire, Pixie Punk Pink, Zia Teal and Blue Thunder because when you mix them together, they make for a really pretty sunset.


Below you'll find 15+ Unique Furniture Makeovers all using Unicorn SPiT™

Nesting Tables With Unicorn SPiT BY Uniquely Grace 

Unicorn SPiT Stained Table by Cozy Traditional Home

Table Makeover Using Unicorn SPiT By From Evija With Love

Aura Blast Design With Unicorn SPiT by All Things New Again

Thrift Store Cabinet Painted With Unicorn SPiT by Katie Slentz

Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain Freehand Flower Table by Holly's Hobbies

Dresser Makeover With Unicorn SPiT by Amini Design Ashburn

Unicorn SPiT Side Table Makeover by The Navage Patch

Vintage Desk Makeover with Unicorn SPiT by Designed Decor

Think of all the cool DIY you could make with Unicorn SPiT!

Happy Creating!... Carrie

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