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The Sanchez Mirror: Aging With Dark Wax

Gold has snuck its revolving way back into fashion. Gold bangles. Gold lamps. Gold organizers. Gold hardware. If you've opened a magazine in the last year you know what I'm talking about...

Image via Style Me Pretty

Image via Lauren Nelson

Image Unknown

Image via The Every Girl

Image via Style Me Pretty

Image via HGTV

If you've ever shopped for gold vintage mirrors you know how expensive they can be. Don't spend your hard pennies on the high price tag... go diy and create your own!

There are lots of gold toned spray paints out on the market. Some have more of a yellow undertone, some are more brassy. Use your favorite brand or whatever your preferred gold tone is.  If you want an aged frame to replicate a really old vintage frame, use dark furniture wax on top of your paint.

We took this lovely mirror purchased from a thrift store. It had a nice size and the shape had some lovely details. But the color was... eh.

The frame received a little bath in Rust-Oleum American Accents Bright Metallics Gold.

And when we were done, it looked like this. A mirror just sprayed painted gold. No dimension. No depth. No character. Chintzy, right?

Watch what happens to Mr. Chintzy when I add lots of fabulous Annie Sloan Dark Wax to it.

So much better...

Now, no more paying for expensive vintage. Go make your own.

Carrie || Thirty Eighth Street


  1. Love your work! Thanks for sharing! Hetty at stonehouseworkshop.com

  2. Thank you for visiting and for the lovely compliment, Hetty!

  3. I am so glad that I recently discovered your website. I love your work(And) I love that you use color in your work. I think all the white and blue painted furniture I see is not creative but redundant. Oh I know each has a place but I do love color.
    Thank you for the dark wax on the gold painted frame tip. I have a mirror with a gold frame that I think would benefit with this wax treatment :-)

    1. I'm glad that you found us! And I'm happy that you're a fan of color too! Have fun with your mirror... I'd love to see it when it's all finished. Take care!.. Carrie