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October is around the corner. My kids keep asking us when we're going to decorate. Soon, I say...Soon. So, I'm sharing some fabulous Halloween inspiration ideas that are both affordable and easy to recreate! 

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I like simple. So these Halloween inspirational ideas have to be both easy to do and budget friendly. But, don't let simple fool you! These 12 Halloween inspiration ideas are also fantastic looking AND eye catching! 

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Spiderweb Wall Halloween Decor

This spiderweb wall can go as small or large as you want! Giving this DIY Halloween decoration the potential to be one ginormous statement piece for very little money.

Not only is it inexpensive but it's customizable to your specific wall space!

halloween decor
Image: The Art of Doing Stuff

You can recreate this look using a lot of things that you probably already have around your home! 

Supplies to make this giant Spiderweb Wall:

Hanging Witches Halloween Decorations

These witches are just as charming as they are mysterious! If you have trees in your front yard, a tall front porch or high ceilings in your home, these would be perfect!

With just a little bit of supplies and assembly, these witch Halloween decorations will be a hit with the neighborhood and guests!

outdoor halloween decorations

Use the existing umbrellas you own, borrow a few from friends, or purchase them below. 

Pair them with some tulle, and stuff the long witch socks into the umbrella handle and add newspaper and you have yourself a hilarious and impactful Halloween display!

Supplies to make these giant Outdoor Hanging Witches:

Modern Pumpkin Halloween Decor

Give a plain pumpkin a little design and texture with this simple and easy trick!

Whether you choose to use a real pumpkin or an artificial one, this Halloween decoration is easier than you think!

modern painted pumpkins
Image: By HGTV Gardens

You can mark off your pumpkin with masking tape to divide the pumpkin in a few even spaces or wing your design.

Use caulk to create your raised design. Then, once dry spray your pumpkin with spray paint. 

Supplies to make these Modern Halloween Pumpkins:

Halloween Chalkboard Vignette

Are you looking for an easy idea for a Halloween vignette for your entry way table or fireplace mantel? Look for some Halloween inspiration from this display at Pottery Barn!

indoor halloween decorations
Image:  Pottery Barn

Gather up battery operated candles, skull heads, pumpkins, webbing, and add a homemade chalkboard sign and you have quite the Halloween display!

Create your own DIY chalkboard out of wood, plastic, an old mirror!

Halloween Chalkboard Vignette Supplies:


Halloween Lawn Ghosts

Start the spook off right by decorating your yard with these homemade dancing lawn ghosts. They are eery during the day, and even more so at night!

outdoor halloween decorations
Image: Listotic

These Halloween ghosts are so simple to make! You'll simply poke a styrofoam ball through a tall garden fence stake os spray painted dowel. 

Then, cover it all with some white fabric or cheesecloth! Lightweight fabric is best because when the wind blows it will give the ghosts the illusion that they are dancing!

Form them in a circle and tie the ends of the fabric together. Secure the fabric on the styrofoam with security pins and hot glue. 

Dancing Halloween Lawn Ghosts Supplies:

Halloween Sign Idea

Take the inspiration from this Fall sign and make it your own! This easy sign can be duplicated again and again and the saying and fabric can change to fit any season or holiday!

Display it on a wall, have it stand alone or group it together with pumpkins and leaves you've collected from outside.

halloween frames

Halloween Sign Supplies:

Halloween Porch Decorations

My favorite thing about this Halloween decorated porch are those mice and that crow! If you have steps on your front porch, this is a really cute idea!

Halloween Porch Decorations

Get your kids or your grandkids involved in this fun paper cutting project. Google an image of a few mice and use them as a template. Then, simply trace and cute them onto black construction paper. 

To get this look, check out these supplies down below!

Halloween Porch Supplies:

Halloween Window Webs

This Halloween inspiration idea would definitely make a statement from the street! Cutting up black trash bags makes this one of the most economical halloween decoration idea yet! 

Outline your windows, then create the web. Add a few dangling spiders and your house instantly becomes spooktacular!

outdoor halloween decorations
Image: Better Homes And Gardens

Halloween Porch Supplies:

Halloween Spell Pumpkins

Mini pumpkins are my favorite for Halloween decorating! How about adding a little typography to your Halloween displays? What will yours say?

You'll need a pumpkin for each letter.

Spray them with spray paint, then once dry hand write your lettering with a pencil and paint, use a letter stencil or use letter stickers!

painted pumpkins
Image:  Better Homes and Gardens

Try spray painting your pumpkins black and make your lettering white for a fun twist on this Halloween pumpkin idea!

Halloween Spell Pumpkin Supplies:

Outdoor Halloween Decoration Idea

If you have a large hedge or bush in your yard, then this outdoor Halloween decoration idea is perfect!

Simple yet effective, this Halloween decoration idea only takes two things! A skeleton and some spider webbing. 

halloween skeleton outdoors

All you have to do is strategically place your Halloween skeleton in your yard and stretch out the webbing. This practical outdoor Halloween decoration is really easy to set up and take down!

Supplies for this Outdoor Halloween Decoration Idea:

Halloween Book Covers

Create spooky spell books.... Another easy household item that everyone has is.... books! Grab your biggest and thickest books and make a Halloween spell book with halloween book covers.

This Halloween inspiration image are not really books, but you could recreate this same look using black card stock paper and white pens and save money by covering your own books!

halloween decoration ideas, spell books, halloween spell book

Book of Spells

What other Halloween spell book titles can you think of?

Halloween Book Cover Supplies:


Vintage Halloween signs are easy to make! We created this halloween sign from an old china hutch door. 

But, you could use an older kitchen cabinet door or recreate the frame from wood and just had hinges. 

Lots of thrift stores or your local Habitat for Humanity stores usually carry second hand furniture or repurposed doors inexpensively and it's a great place to find treasures you can repurpose into Halloween decor!

halloween sign

The hinges make it really easy to hang from a front window using S hooks and this vintage signage is always a hit on Halloween! You can see how we created this Halloween Sign out of repurposed materials here. 


Here are more a few more creative Halloween decor ideas including a free Fall printable, an outdoor Halloween wreath idea, and Halloween pumpkin decorations.

Check out these inexpensive and easy Halloween decorating ideas here!

Get your FREE fall printable here.

An Easy Outdoor Halloween Wreath Idea!

How To Create a Fall Chalkboard.

Happy Halloween decorating!
Carrie || Thirty Eighth Street


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