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How We Created Sentimental Watercolor Artwork Using Our Family Photos

I'm a firm believer that when it comes to decorating a home, less is more. And the things that we choose to set out or put up on our walls should have value for us. I love the idea of being surrounded by things our family loves, things we've collected or that hold meaning for our family.

So, instead of running out to buy a kick knack at a Home Goods store just to fill a spot, take a minute to think about it. Is there something you might have that could fill that spot AND help you connect to yourself or help your family connect with each other? Need an idea? I have one for you!

This post contains affiliate links to products I love and use everyday. You can view our full disclosure here.

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There's a new app called, Waterlogue. Have you heard of it!? It's amazing and I have to admit, I'm slightly addicted... It costs $4.99 and it turns your regular photographs into watercolor art! Here are a few personal photographs that I've already converted on Waterlogue.

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Here are a few more before and afters.....

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And because this app is addicting, here's a few more photographs that I turned into watercolor works of art...

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A photo I took on a trip to Hawaii.....

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When my son lost his flip flop in the volleyball sand court and we spent 35 minutes looking for it when should have just paid $5 for another pair....

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A picture from our trip to the zoo....

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My sons first time boogie boarding....

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That time my youngest hid in the dryer...

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.... and some everyday life kind of shots (which are my favorite kind of pictures to convert to watercolor).

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You can print your pictures onto watercolor paper from your color printer or take them to your local large box office supply store to have them printed. Then, put it in a picture frame and it becomes Insta-art! You can also find additional watercolor paper here. 

And I might add that it's addicting! Wouldn't it be fun to create a watercolor wall gallery or make some sentimental art or cards and give them away as gifts? An amazing and thoughtful DIY gift for under $10! 

Happy creating!....
Carrie || Thirty Eighth Street

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  1. Hi,

    I have really wanted to try this app and after reading that I might be able to print the pictures myself, I am really excited! The link you provided took me to a search for watercolor paper, not to a a specific product. Did you print any yourself? Was it an inkjet printer and which paper did you use? Thank so much!

    1. Hi Sharon! Yes, the link takes you to a product line of water color paper products. There are water color cards, paper, etc. So many fun ways to utilize your pictures and this app! Your color printer should work. I actually took mine to my local print shop and supplied them with my watercolor paper. My printer may have done a fine enough job, but I was creating them as gifts and wanted to make sure that they would turned out perfect! I think I paid them under $5.00 to have several different prints made. Worth it!