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Inspiration Surfing

Finding old and worn pieces is an easy task for me. Visualizing their greatness is easy for me. Selecting the perfect color for a piece is not. Plain and simple. There are just too many good options sometimes. How do you narrow from the oh so many possibilities when it's not going in your own home?

If I'm wishy washy, it seems like I'm a creature of habit. I turn to my favorite source... Pinterest. Such a fabulous invention. Who invented Pinterest? They deserve a medal. Oh wait, they probably get paid enough to buy their own medal. Times a fazillion.

I recently purchased a bedroom set with some fabulous vintage hardware and I can picture it looking amazing in all sorts of colors. Surfing for inspiration helps me stay focused. It helps me get my "A-ha!"

Here are a few Wednesday inspirationals from some terrific and talented individuals...

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Turned To Design

Carrie || Thirty Eighth Street

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