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Distressed Furniture: Easy Ways To Distress Furniture

Are you gearing up to paint and refinish some furniture? Does your distressing furniture skills need some help? I have a list of distressed furniture tutorials that are FREE and packed with valuable information! We also offer these additional FREE furniture refinishing ideas & tutorials!

You might want to Pin this on Pinterest so you have it handy for your future distressing furniture projects- it's going to be THAT GOOD!

There are several easy ways to distress furniture. We've numbered the following distressed furniture painting tutorials in no particular order although each of these distressing techniques has their own pro's and con's. 

We definitely have a favorite method that we like to use! Can you guess which one?


#1 How To Distress Furniture With Vaseline: This distressed furniture painting technique is not messy (despite that you're working with vaseline). You want an easy and quick way to get a heavily distressed chippy furniture piece this is your method!

#2 Easy Distressing Furniture Technique For A Natural Look: Are you looking for a natural worn finish? This technique gives furniture an authentic rustic and subtle weathered look each and everytime!


#4 How To Distress Furniture Using Stain: COMING SOON!

#5 Reverse Paint Distressing Technique: Similar to our tutorial on how to distress furniture with paint, this is a close cousin. This painting and distressing furniture technique is great to use on furniture pieces with lots of details! 

#6 How To Distress Furniture With Sandpaper: COMING SOON!

#7 Distressing Furniture With Vinegar: COMING SOON!

(Please excuse our mess as we're buzy finalizing this awesome resource page for you!)

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